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Dental Care

Dental care is one of the single most important things you can address to keep your canine or feline companion healthy and pain-free. Poor dental care leads to heart, liver, and kidney disease, as well as many others. Good dental care leads to a long, healthy, and happy life.

Dental Examinations

A routine dental examination is a great way to ensure your pet’s mouth, gums and teeth are healthy. Prevention is always better than treatment, and the earlier we can spot potential warning signs, the better.

Dogs and cats over three years old frequently experience periodontal disease. This condition involves plaque and tartar moving below the gumline, resulting in damage to connective tissues and painful lesions— even damaging the jaw.

Dental examinations, even when nothing appears wrong with your pet’s mouth or teeth, are the only way to spot the early signs of periodontal disease and correct the habits, behaviors, or health concerns that are causing it.

Excessive drooling, bleeding, swollen gums, dropped food, or unusually bad breath are considered advanced signs that something may be wrong with your pet's oral health. We strongly encourage routine dental examinations to help detect any issues before your pet experiences these advanced symptoms. 

Dental Cleanings

If your pet does have an excessive buildup of plaque in their mouth, the first step we’ll take is to suggest a dental cleaning. These deep cleanings involve the scrubbing away of plaque and tartar, followed by a full polishing of your pet’s teeth. Next, we’ll take care of any specific needs relating to your pet’s oral care— fillings, repairs, etc.

In some cases, we may advise the extraction of a tooth when necessary. We’ll only ever extract a pet’s tooth with the approval of you, the owner. Our team will outline exactly why we recommend a tooth be removed and the hazards associated with leaving it in your pet’s mouth, as well as the benefits of removing it.

All pets are under anesthesia during dental cleanings. Pets can be very protective of their mouths, and anesthetizing them allows them to lie still during the process and not experience unpleasant stress. We do not provide anesthesia-free dentistry at Animal Health Care Denver.

Dental Radiography

Dental radiography involves taking x-rays of your pet’s mouth to get a clear picture of all their teeth and below the gumline. Radiography can help us identify problems that may not be obvious from a visual exam, particularly when it comes to what’s going on under the gums.

Many of the most serious oral issues can be completely invisible to the naked eye, which is what makes dental x-rays so important. We can identify periodontal disease and other problems, then determine a path forward based on our findings. Dental radiography is completely safe and noninvasive, and is an essential aspect of dental care in special cases.

At-Home Dental Care

We want your pet’s oral health to continue long after their dental cleaning or exam at Animal Health Care Denver. That’s why we advise making oral health an ongoing part of your role as an owner. While only some pets will require special or intensive at-home dental care, there are some things all pets can benefit from. These include treats designed to help clean their teeth and gums to occasional brushing.

At your pet’s dental exam, we’ll make recommendations for how to ensure proper oral health for your best friend at home. We’ll also be sure to answer any and all questions you have about what you can do to improve your pet’s dental health. We believe that the best oral care comes from a combined effort between owners and our team here at Animal Health Care Denver.

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